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Firewall Solutions

Don't be afraid of increasingly sophisticated security threats! Coslat is at your side against cyber threats with its advanced firewall features.

  • Multi language web interface.
  • Registration with TR identity Authentication and SMS
  • URL and content filtering
  • Smart HTTPS filtering without certificate
  • Traffic shaping and limiting
  • Load balancing and offload
  • VPN support (IPSec, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP)
  • 5651 logging
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Hotspot Solutions

This is a hotspot solution used to ensure safe internet access in places such as hotels, cafes, educational institutions and guest networks where public wireless network service is provided.

  • Registration with TR identity Authentication and SMS
  • Multi language web interface.
  • Login page customization
  • Language support
  • KVKK compatibility
  • Signed Log with Electronic Time Stamp in accordance with Law 5651
  • Advanced user and group management
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Coslat 2FA

Prevent Cyber ​​Hackers from accessing your network with Identity Theft! Use the PIN code sent as an SMS or via tools such as Google Authenticator during the Authentication process and make your VPN connections more secure.

  • Integration with sms providers
  • Google authenticator
  • Integration with ldap
  • Assigning rules based on user properties
  • Fetching phone numbers by AD security group
  • User reporting
  • Simultaneous work with different brands of devices
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Log Server Solutions

By recording the network traffic and signing it with the Electronic Time Stamp, it meets your obligations under the law numbered 5651.

  • LAN logging in passive mode with Mirror/Span Port
  • Log by intervening at Layer 2 level in Bridge Mode
  • Electronic Timestamp Local Signing and Contracted Signing
  • Turk Trust and KamuSM Electronic Timestamp support
  • Sending logs to Log Correlation systems with Syslog
  • Logging VLAN traffic
  • Disk capacity that can store records up to 2 years in the device
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External Portal

With additional registration options such as TC authentication and SMS, it provides flexibility to your wireless network and provides easier use.

  • Integration with products such as Cisco ISE/WLC, Aruba WLC/Clearpass, Fortinet, Sophos, Paloalto, Mikrotik
  • Ability to create multiple portals for different interfaces
  • Ldap integration and authorization with Ldap group
  • Administrator approval/notification by mail
  • Different registration options for different zones
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Donanımlar stok durumuna göre değişiklik gösterebilir.

For Small Enterprises

They are hardware solutions that contain advanced firewall features for your businesses up to 50 users.

For Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises

They are hardware solutions that provide performance for up to 100 users and have advanced firewall features.

For Medium-Sized Enterprises

They are hardware solutions that support advanced firewall features for your business up to 300 users.

For Large Enterprises

They are hardware solutions that offer performance and all requirements for your business with 500 or more users.