Let's set the rules against cyber threats together.

Coslat Firewall, which hosts advanced firewall features, intrusion detection and prevention systems, helps you to protect yourself from complex cyber threats thanks to its easy-to-use Web interface.

Advanced Packet Inspection

With Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), you can conduct content-based packet analysis, detect, and block malicious content.

Coslat Firewall Network Şeması

High Availability and Performance

Meet the high-performance requirements of your campus networks and heavy traffic with redundancy, top-tier processors, and fiber support.

Multi-user Hotspot Support

An ideal solution for identity verification requirements in environments with a high number of users, like university campuses. Additionally, you can provide centralized authentication for your distributed campus structures.

Expanded IDS/IPS Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Enhance protection for your Datacenter services with the ability to create custom signatures alongside service-specific predefined signatures.

Enhanced Filtering with DNS Filter Support

DNS Filtering, in addition to Application Filtering, SSL Inspection, and Web Filtering, aids in providing more effective protection.

Usage Scenarios

Coslat Firewall Enterprise model delivers top-level security and performance in large-scale corporate networks, supporting the organization's integrated security strategy with advanced threat detection and management features.

Coslat Firewall Network Şeması

  • Easy management of multiple network structures with segmentation support,
  • Redundant operation for high availability,
  • Centralized authentication for large guest networks,
  • Fiber support for high bandwidth requirements,
  • High performance for Datacenter needs.
  • Technicial Specifications

    Elevating corporate security to the highest level, Coslat Firewall Enterprise model provides top-tier security, high-performance data processing, advanced threat detection, and management features for large-scale corporate networks.

    Coslat Enterprise Technical
    Coslat Enterprise Technical

    Empower Against Cyber Threats with Coslat Firewall!

    Coslat Hardware stands out with its high standards of security and robust performance. Each product is designed to effectively protect user data against cyber threats. Coslat Hardware provides a reliable and durable solution through its advanced technology, offering customers a peaceful digital experience.

    Small Business

    ( < 100 Users )

    The Coslat Firewall Small Business model is specifically designed for the needs of small businesses, featuring a compact design, providing a robust firewall, and offering fast data processing capacity.

    Mid-Size Business

    ( 100-500 Users )

    The Coslat Firewall Mid-Size model is designed to meet the security expectations of medium-sized businesses with its expandable features and compatibility with complex network structures.


    ( > 500 Users )

    The Coslat Firewall Enterprise elevates corporate security to the highest level by providing advanced threat detection, management features, and high-performance data processing capacity in large-scale enterprise networks.