Log Server Solutions

Log Server Solutions!

The increase in cyber crimes committed over the internet and legal obligations in this regard have made it compulsory to record internet usage within the company.
  • Ability to create 5651 logs from all brand-independent firewall and UTM devices
  • Recording without loss of performance via the mirror port
  • Web traffic analysis by getting daily and monthly detailed reports with desktop reporting software
  • It can overwrite the records at the same time and backup to file server, ftp server
  • It can record url contents and header information.
  • Logging different vlan structures with vlan compatibility
  • Central reporting in structures with different locations with central registration
  • Signed log with Electronic Time Stamp in accordance with Law 5651 at specified intervals (rfc 3161)
  • Multiple interface traffic logging
  • Keeping the records on itself as well as backing them up to ftp or Windows share
  • Optional qualified (Tubitak or Turktrust) signing options
  • Logging different http ports
  • Easy access to proxy server logs from the Web interface
  • IP-User mapping in proxy server logs
  • Date-Time based logs in proxy server logs
  • Total web traffic usage based on IP-User
  • Instant IP-based traffic monitoring
  • Option to download 5651 logs from Web interface

Logging through mirror port

Vlan network compatibility In networks using Vlan, it performs record keeping and signing operations from a single point by using the mirror feature in accordance with the law numbered 5651.

Syslog feature Coslat Log Server Mirror has the feature of keeping a central log by using Syslog, which is a log transmission standard. It can receive logs transmitted from devices that can record logs in Syslog standard (Cisco, Isa, etc.), separate them according to certain criteria, save them, sign in accordance with the law numbered 5651. Thanks to its agent, which can be installed on a Windows-based client or server and work as a service, it ensures that all desired logs are transported and signed by Syslog (DHCP, IIS, Mail, System events, etc.)

Coslat Monitor (Reporter) It is an application that enables the analysis and reporting of time stamped records created in Coslat Monitor, Coslat Firewall, Hotspot and Mirror applications.

Reports which can be formed:
  1. IP, MAC, URL, User Name (GSM No, T.R. ID No, User), Reporting on access date basis
  2. To make daily, weekly, monthly reports
  3. Advanced search preferences (Date range, IP, MAC, URL, Http Method filtering)
  4. Associating the IP, MAC addresses with Hotspot user names
  5. Instant displaying of the formed reports and saving in excel format.
Reports can be seen in the home screen of the application by clicking “Reports on User Basis”.

Product images, hardware specifications and screen images may differ. Coslat reserves the right to change the product contents and features without prior notice.