It is a hotspot solution to provide safe internet access in hotels, cafes, educaiton enstituions and places such as guest network where in public wireless network services are provided.

You can creat your own welcome screen, determine different authentication methods. You can record internet access, fulfill requirement of 5651 law.

You can combine internal network management and guest network by firewall and filter features. Also you can use this features for your guest and block access internal network.

thanks to feature of different operating system and browser you can creat browser free welcome screen . You can log in easily smart phones and tablet computer.

Coslat Hotspot Properties

* Turkish web interface
* Define costumized welcome screen,
* By electronic time stamp with suiteble 5651 law signed record,
* Determine local user account,
* Determine the period of validation of account by time definition,
* Send user name and password with SMS,
* Sign up with SMS,
* Login with Facebook Account,
* Different welcome screen can be defined for different networks,
* User Registration records can be sent by e-mail,
* Sponsor Approval can be requested for internet access,
* Manager Approval can be requested,
* GSM Number blacklist can be defined,
* Quota can be defined Globaly ,
* Automatic sign up wtih ID no confirmation,
* Define account validation time by automatic sign up options,
* Integration with RADIUS server,
* Allow internet access without password by defination authorized MAC and IP,
* Determine bandwith by defination authorized MAC and IP ,
* Determine general bandwith,
* Create time limited account by ticket definition,
* Work not only one network but also diffrent network,
* Creat limitation by user and group,
* Configuration as Routing NAT and Bridge,
* Record URL (web sites ) information,
* Provide homogeneous internet usage between user by Bandwith limitation,
* Record not only internal disk but also file server, FTP server ,
* Automatic backup pn network according to calender,
* High safety by attack detection and prevention system,
* Prevention harmful and objectionable websites by balcklist that is updated contuniously.,
* Take user name from Active Directory by Active directory integration,
* Configuration as DHCP server and DHCP Relay Agent,
* Provide internet access with interactive SMS****,
* Customizable welcome screen for guest network,
* Define max. simultaneous access,
* Terminate client access when they don’t use it by IdleTimeout,
* Delimitation internet usage by define Time out ,
* Session follow-up with popup screen,
* URL orientation after session,
* MAC filter,
* Special bandwidth to Ip or MAC address,
* Special authentication for MAC or IP,
* HTTP and HTTPS Services,
* Load intended interfaces by file manager,
* Record user account on system ,
* Authentication on RADIUS and Domain,
* Creat online account,
* session management with SMS,
* create ID No, GSM No, IP, MAC, URL and user based report,
* provide guest internet access with interactive SMS,
* Work with 3 party-software by WebAPI,
* Create automatic user group,
* Hourly internet access by ticket usage ,
* Integration with SMS providers (Kalenet, Hermes, Codec, Mobiltim, Posta Güvercini, Smart Message, Data Port, actual SMS provider),
* collective usage with multiple inernet line,
* prevention internet access of undesired user by Blacklist MAC,
* user account,


Mobile Interface
Database Integration
Hotspot Settings

Coslat Web Authentication Service

Various application that uses in public network make authorization on different database and authentication mechanisms. By integration of default authentication mechanisms of Hotspot and Firewall application that uses in institution, is provided safety and management convenience. Provide extra safety to internet access management that served Hotspot service by connecting authentication mechanism except Coslat Web Authentication Service.

Coslat WKS

Coslat Web Authentication Service provides internet access based record on integrated database by provide read record from Oracle, Msssql, Mysql and Access database.

Whereby , it provides internet access and verification who checked in on database of Hotel application. It can provide verification that person who visited company or institution by work together with card-read system.

Realization of authentication process on same database of Hotspot and Firewall that locate distrubuted structure are provided by web services that uses by Coslat Hotspot & Firewall authentication system.

Coslat Hotspot & Firewall Authentication;

a. – Radius &IAS
b. - LDAP
c. Domain
d. local Database
e. External Databases : Oracle, Mysql, Mssql ve Access veritabanlarına yerel ve uzaktan bağlantı kurabilme.

System Requirements:

1. IIS 6.0 ve üstü
2. Net Framework 4.0
3. Office 2007 Runtime
4. Oracle Client

Coslat Monitor (Reporter)

It’s application that provide report and analys of time stamp records that created by Coslat Firewall, Hotspot and Mirror applications.

You can create following report:

– IP, MAC, URL, User name (GSM No, ID No) Date of Access base report
- Daily , Weekly, Monthly report
– advanced search settings (date range,IP, MAC, URL, http Metot filter)
– Associate with Hotspot user names and IP, MAC addresses.
– monitorize report that cretaed and saved as Excel format

– Records are monitorized by click the main screen of the application “Kullanıcı Bazlı Raporlama” .

Coslat Monitor

– Report could be export.

Coslat Monitor

If internet Access is provided with Hotspot application, actions of users on internet associate with method of entrance by IP and MAC match. (ID No, GSM No, User Name)

By click “URL Reporting” that locate left menu, IP, MAC, User, URL , Date, Hour and http Metot based query is realized if you want detailed search.